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Lens Ordering

Lens Ordering

Barnsley Optical


Lens orders can be placed over the phone,sent by mail, email or via our 24hr dedicated fax order line.



Single Vision
We have a range of 60 & 65mm CR39 stock lenses. Smaller or larger lenses are produced in our lab using our free pre-cal service to produce the neatest lenses possible. we also provide Freeform single vision lenses and high index thinner lenses

Bifocal lenses
A bifocal has both distance and reading incorporated into the lens. unlike varifocal lenses the reading portion is clearly visible on the front. bifocals are available in traditional flat top and round segments of varying sizes or new freeform technology

Varifocal lenses are also known as progressive lenses offer three fields of view, distance, intermediate and reading with a gradual increase in power from the distance to reading. varifocals were designed to give a better cosmetic appearance without any tell-tale lines showing as on bi-focal lenses We supply many brands of varifocals in traditional, freeform and digital giving a wide choice to our customers and a better chance of the most suitable for your patient.


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