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Huvitz range

Huvitz range

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Huvitz is a global small hidden champion specialized in optics. It has been growing fast based on discriminating technology and global network.


Huvitz HTR-1A is optimised for eye health care in order to accurately provide measurement and diagnosis for your patients. 

Full auto tracking and shooting functions provide the user with a convenient method of capturing measurement data.

4 in 1 System

The 1 device includes 4 functions;
Full Auto Ref/Keratometer, Non-contact Tono/Pachymeter. Essential data for Customized Lens prescription such as Cornea Thickness, Intraocular Pressure and Refractive Power is accurately measured and acquired. 

Full Auto Tracking & Shooting

HTR-1A supports full auto tracking and shooting. By clicking one button it automatically measures pupil points and calculates accurate data.

Auto Refractometer
Auto Keratometer
Non-contact Tonometer
Non-contact Pachymeter


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