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Bespoke Products

Bespoke Products

Mainline Optical


Mainline Optical Connections, founded in 1984, supplies high-quality optical solutions, including advanced glazing systems and consumables. Offering cutting-edge equipment from top brands such as Huvitz & MEI.


Enhance your practice with personalized branded products for your patients. At Mainline Optical Connections, we offer a range of custom items, from lens cloths with your logo to professional lens cleaner solutions bearing your name. These high-quality products can be ready for you in as little as four weeks from approval, and we accommodate various quantities to suit your needs.

In addition to our branded products, consider offering your patients Chemistrie Magnetic Sun Clips. These innovative clips are custom-made to fit virtually any frame, providing a sleek, high-end sunglasses solution. With a selection of 24 colors, these clips effortlessly transform regular glasses into stylish sunglasses, adding value and versatility to your patients' eyewear.

Partner with us to provide your patients with exceptional branded products and innovative solutions that reflect the professionalism and quality of your practice.


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