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Auto Ref/Keratometer

Auto Ref/Keratometer

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Sizes Available

  • Easy to use

Wide 7 inch Touch-screen panel 

Auto Ref-keratometer GRK-1 is equipped with a wide 7 inch color TFT LCD with touch-screen panel to use all the functions with ease.

  • Fully automatic measurement operation

The correct position of patient's eye is available to be found automatically by internal-software without operation of joystick. Further, it is also available to align and measure automatically with touching of screen only.

  • Tiltable LCD screen for 120 Degree

The LCD screen enables operator to measure in comfortable position even when the patient's eyelid needs to be opened by operator.

  • External thermal printer

External thermal-printer equipped with auto loading & cutting can be connected using RS-232C or wireless RFID. It can be also connected with other devices such as auto vision-tester, PC, auto lensmeter and so on.

  • Networking ability

It allows to connect with other devices such as auto vision-tester, auto lensmeter, PC as well as EMR/EHR protocol system.

  • Suitable Chin-rest & Head-rest

It provides the patients with the comfortable measuring environment by adopting Chin-rest and Head-rest with soft material of silicon rubber.


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