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Business Management Software

Business Management Software



Optix helps optical retailers to manage patients, staff, suppliers, operations and finances – giving you the tools to plan for future success.




Optix is a true business management application that allows you to unlock the potential that exists within your business.

Whether you have a single practice or over fifty branches, using Optix you can react faster, make better decisions and improve your business performance.

Proactive management tools available from anywhere at any time helping you to provide exceptional customer service.

Freed from the traditional IT housekeeping burden, Optix enables you to focus on the real business issues. This results in improved patient care and increased, higher quality sales.

Combined with significant cost and time efficiencies, Optix will deliver real bottom line profit growth. 

Using a clean, modern, intuitive interface Optix sends both patients and staff the clear message that your business is embracing cutting edge technology.


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