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Repair Service

Repair Service

Premiere Optical


We can repair 99.9% of glasses and sunglasses from just £9.99! We aim to repair within 24/48 hours and guarantee all our repairs for one year.


Plastic glasses frames Repairs

  • Whole joints fitted
  • Ptosis Prop fitted
  • Springs made to order, eg: lorgnettes etc.

Metal Spectacle Frame Repairs

  • Solders on metal, titanium & stainless steel 
  • Supra conversions
  • Comfort handmade bridges
  • Pads and tips
  • Painting to most colours
  • Plating gold, silver and gun metal

Glazing Department

  • A full ranges of glazing services available
  • Single Vision
  • Bi-focal
  • Varifocal
  • Supra and Half-ey
  • Tinting and Coatings


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