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Fusion 1day Astigma Lens

Fusion 1day Astigma Lens



A solid company that has made use of the experience of its founders to provide solutions that are always in line with the evolution of the market and the needs of contact lens wearers. 




Daily contact lenses in hydrogel enriched with hyaluronic acid and TSP® release, for the correction of astigmatism characterized by the Sleekform design.

Fusion technology in the "Sleek Form" declination for the correction of astigmatism. The geometry of the lens guarantees the correct orientation without the need for stabilization zones of different thicknesses

Reduced shift minimizes the increase in prismatic thickness. The correct orientation of the lens occurs naturally quickly, precisely and consistently. UV protection

  • MATERIAL: Filcon IV, HA+TSP®
  • WATER: 60%
  • DIAMETER: 14.40mm
  • BASE RADIUS: 8.50mm
  • THICKNESS: 0.08mm
  • POWERS: -0.00/-6.00 (0.25) -6.50/-8.00 (0.50) +0.25/+4.00 (0.25)
  • CYLINDERS: -1.00/-1.50/-2.00
  • AXES: 15°/30°/75°/90°/105°/ 150°/165°/180°
  • SIZE: 30pack


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